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IRS and state tax debts require immediate action. To collect tax debt, the IRS and state have multiple weapons it can use to devastate your financial and personal life. They use tax liens, garnishments, levies and intimidating notices and telephone calls. To protect yourself, your home, and your job from this IRS and state arsenal, you need a tax professional on your side. Our tax professionals understand the complexity of your IRS and state back tax problem and will work to get you the tax debt relief you deserve while preparing any unfiled tax returns.

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Our tax professionals are ready to help identify the best possible solution to your IRS and state back taxes. Take the first steps today towards obtaining the best possible tax relief from your back tax liability. Learn also how we can help prepare your unfiled tax returns. You deserve a fresh start, call 1-800-598-9856 or fill out our contact form now!

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New Hope Tax Relief has experienced tax professionals to help with your IRS and state back taxes and work towards stopping collection activity. Our tax professionals continue to aggressively pursue the best possible tax debt solution for each client. Our tax resolution company offers many tax relief services, including: Installment Agreement, Currently Non-Collectible Status, Bank Levy Release, Wage Garnishment Release, Payroll Tax Representation, Revenue Officer Assistance, and Preparing Unfiled Tax Returns.

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